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Mystic Ocean Sauvignon Blanc


The Mystic Ocean lies within the immortal mind of an ancient mermaid, opening a magical gateway into a subaquatic world where fantastic and mystical creatures dwell and play. Luring sailors to their doom with her ancient citrus notes, charming them to drink the Mystic Ocean and send them into a haze of lime and tropical fruit oblivion.   


Mystic Ocean Web Full image_Web.jpg
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The client asked us to create the name and brand for a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and were needing a strong other-worldly charm to the label design. The outcome was a contemporary and classic feel to the overall bottle showcasing the best in Marlborough’s signature wine.

Ibstock Brick celebrate the launch of their new Eclipse factory with a statement coffee table book


Client Testimonial

We have made a significant investment in new capacity to help meet growing market demand for bricks, the new Eclipse factory is a genuinely world-class manufacturing facility and will produce 100m bricks a year when it is fully operational - expanding our current brick capacity by 13%. It has enabled us to create 55 new jobs at Ibstock and 100 more indirectly at suppliers.

The project has also given us the opportunity to incorporate the latest technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy use, making it the most sustainable brick plant in the UK.

We needed something that would reflect Eclipse as ‘the future of brickmaking’ and show the build process from start to finish, Garage Creative have not only done this, they have like our new factory exceeded expectations and delivered the ‘wow’ factor.

Simon Rogers, Head of Marketing
Ibstock plc

Square_Book_Mockup_2 copy copy copy.jpg
Square_Book_Mockup_5 copy.jpg

The client came to us wanting a standalone brochure to represent the significant investment and to tell the ambitious story of their new brick manufacturing facility ‘Eclipse’ from start to finish. 

Using stunning full page photography and clean contemporary layout design we created an elegant coffee book, the book shows an appealing journey of the large scale project, from environmental awareness and sustainability to industry expertise and technical excellence of a grand scale. The end result is a standalone piece of work that encapsulates the company’s message perfectly with a statement book that simply has to be picked up and opened.


Les Estivales Rose Wine Label


The client required an unusual approach for a Dry French Rosé Wine label that needed to capture a strong retro period piece to reflect a French art deco design. The result was a Rose Gold ink foil working across the label design of a French Riviera style; encapsulating a period decor to complement and enhance the design of the bottle shape and presence on the shelf. The subtle tactile embossing used added a different depth and showcased the label to add a touch of innovation. 


2 Rose.jpg

Red Genie Non-Alchoholic Spirit

Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in Label of the Year category at the UK Packaging Awards 2018.


Red Genie is a Non-Alchoholic, low calorie, Sugar Free and Allergen Free drink, with no artificial flavours. The client, Sober Drinks, came to us needing a design solution for their unique label concept, one of the longest printed labels ever to go into production.

Red Genie Web 2.jpg
Red Genie Hero 1.jpg
Red Genie Web 3.jpg

Point to point the label is 612.5mm long and is applied by wrapping around the bottle twice. As a unique feature in itself, the long winding label works its way around the spirit style bottle, creating an unusual and mystic flow to ultimately carry the central graphic and print treatment of the Genie Head. The Genie has been printed with foil block and finished with heavy embossing and tactile varnish, creating a unique label, that stands out in a category, which is flooded with creativity. Using Avery Dennison's Fasson Rustique Blanc Plus, this material was required to be able to achieve the strength, for such a complex application. Not only that, the material is a very diverse, which enabled the application of block and fine detailed foiling on the same tool for the micro embossing. 

The whole thing comes beautifully together to create a brand identity and design that delivers strong shelf appeal and more choice to those in a market, who prefer not to drink alcohol, yet like to try something different!


UNA Frizzante Sparkling Wine


Down from the hills and mountains, across the seas, into the villages and towns comes UNA Frizzante, three wonderful variants of sparkling wine.  

UNA Pinot Grigio_crop_Frames copy.jpg
UNA Bianco_crop_Frames_Frames.jpg
UNA Rosé_crop_Frames_Frames.jpg

Working together with Peter Mertes, we were set to create a bright modern design for a new brand of sparkling wine, with the name UNA, derived from Latin, meaning ‘one of a kind’. The target consumer, predominantly female, being the Prosecco drinker ‘on the move’, less to say, this didn’t need to be too female that no man would ever buy it, having three products in the range being Bianco, Rosato and Pinot Grigio sparkling wine. The end result depicts a contemporary adaptation of the journey of the grape, down from the hills and mountains, across the seas and into the villages and towns. You can enjoy UNA on the train, relaxing by the pool or with friends, being a great quality, easy drinking single-serve can of fizz.

New City Channel Promotion for Liverpool
and Birmingham


From the successful work done previously on the initial outdoor campaigns Made TV asked us to create a new and vibrant campaign for two more new city regions, being both Liverpool and Birmingham. Made TV requested we keep things very clean and punchy, and the result was an instantly recognisable colour splash of each city in a contemporary interlaced graphic skyline, showing all famous landmarks for their public to relate to, hurry home and enjoy.


3_Bus side.jpg

Shiraz Cabernet & Chenin Chardonnay

Winner of the IWC - The International Wine Challenge and the Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) 2018. 


The client required a design with a South African vibrancy to stand out for their Safari range; Shiraz Cabernet & Chenin Chardonnay.

The wild Kudu is set free with a burst of colour on the shelves. This lovely project for a South African red and white wine started with an exploration of regional wild animals to make sure we made the perfect impression for this flavoursome duo.

Kudu web 2.jpg
Kudu web 1.jpg
Kudu Canvas.jpg

Kākāpō (Night Parrot) Wine Label
‘Winner of labels’ Award at the FT Awards 2017


We were asked to design a period style label for a New Zealand White Wine. Making a strong feature of the Kakapo Parrot which is one of the rarest parrots in the world, residing in New Zealand; creating a label design to reflect the bird with a strong botanical feature giving an endearing charm to the label. 

The result was an award winning print finish and won a ‘Winner of Labels’ award at the FT Awards 2017 by The Label Makers - Printers and Manufacturers.


1_Imaginarium_mockup wine .jpg

Shift Brand / Beyond Escapes Devon Leisure Building Plans


The people at Shift Brand in Harrogate asked us to create a stunning illustration for their client Beyond Escapes. Clearly showing the site plans of the new leisure park of deluxe lodges, the result was a slick hand rendered architectural style drawing that captured the rural feel of the luxury escapes.

Site plan_Illustration_low res.v5 copy.jpg
Site plan_Illustration_low res.v5 copy 5.jpg
Site plan_Illustration_low res.v5 copy 4.jpg

Ibstock Sustainability Brochure


Ibstock plc required an environmentally focussed report to explain how they are helping to protect the planet whilst the busy demands of heavy duty production are constantly proceeding. It felt great being part of such a project showing genuine concern for such a current issue. 

02_Square Magazine Mock-up.jpg

The result was a fresh, modern brochure conveying strong conviction and integrity, with direct environmental focussed messages and solid company statistics clearly projected across every page. Read more about how Ibstock plc are oncourse to achieving sustainability 

Prosecco label design goes international


The client needed a brand that would project a high class Mediterranean feel but with also a youthful party element that would work across all kinds of product formats. To get the brand rolling Gigglewater is currently being produced on Bottles and Cans in the UK, Italy and Australia.



Ilkley based architects go responsive


After creating the company brand and logo, Roost Architects then asked us to re design their website. With a clean approach adhering to the companies modern ethos, the client now has a slick mobile experience with fluid navigation working across all platforms.



The Speakeasy Club wine labels


The brand for this wine needed to reflect the 20’s era of prohibition with all the carefree debauchery that went along with it. The girls or ‘baby vamps’ encapsulate the intoxicated mood perfectly sat amongst some well placed period typography. This ain’t for no bluenose!



MADE TV Christmas Summer Campaign


Just when we though it was safe to enjoy the summer time, we were asked to created a Christmas campaign. The client needed to promote TV media space around the festive season but they needed to advertise right in the middle of summer. Here we can see that someone has been very naughty and opened up there present way before Christmas! Showing a perfect balance between the two seasons, the client had an effective campaign, that by Christmas time had successfully worked it’s merry magic.


1_Postcard Full image_1200x800pxls.jpg

Imaginarium White and Rosé wine labels


A curious and curiouser design for a Rosé and White Wine label that needed that little edge of intrigue, passion and everything for the connoisseur who just can’t help themselves.


1_Imaginarium_mockup wine .jpg

Amber Gold & Black Ruby Beer


Two real gems consisting of a dark and pale ale to get the ball rolling on a new range of real ales covering gem stones, paving the way for a large variety of further blends to be dug up and enjoyed. 

1_Imaginarium_mockup wine .jpg

Join the Fiesta with a fun new Red Wine label


Lolita has broken free and she’s on her way into town. With her cowbell ringing high, freshly branded with a red raw backside, she means business. This Malbec was a riot to create from day one, with some very tongue in cheek illustration to give just the right party vibes to send Lolita off in style.