UNA Frizzante Sparkling Wine


Down from the hills and mountains, across the seas, into the villages and towns comes UNA Frizzante, three wonderful variants of sparkling wine.  

UNA Pinot Grigio_crop_Frames copy.jpg
UNA Bianco_crop_Frames_Frames.jpg
UNA Rosé_crop_Frames_Frames.jpg

Working together with Peter Mertes, we were set to create a bright modern design for a new brand of sparkling wine, with the name UNA, derived from Latin, meaning ‘one of a kind’. The target consumer, predominantly female, being the Prosecco drinker ‘on the move’, less to say, this didn’t need to be too female that no man would ever buy it, having three products in the range being Bianco, Rosato and Pinot Grigio sparkling wine. The end result depicts a contemporary adaptation of the journey of the grape, down from the hills and mountains, across the seas and into the villages and towns. You can enjoy UNA on the train, relaxing by the pool or with friends, being a great quality, easy drinking single-serve can of fizz.