Red Genie Non-Alchoholic Spirit

Awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in Label of the Year category at the UK Packaging Awards 2018.


Red Genie is a Non-Alchoholic, low calorie, Sugar Free and Allergen Free drink, with no artificial flavours. The client, Sober Drinks, came to us needing a design solution for their unique label concept, one of the longest printed labels ever to go into production.

Red Genie Web 2.jpg
Red Genie Hero 1.jpg
Red Genie Web 3.jpg

Point to point the label is 612.5mm long and is applied by wrapping around the bottle twice. As a unique feature in itself, the long winding label works its way around the spirit style bottle, creating an unusual and mystic flow to ultimately carry the central graphic and print treatment of the Genie Head. The Genie has been printed with foil block and finished with heavy embossing and tactile varnish, creating a unique label, that stands out in a category, which is flooded with creativity. Using Avery Dennison's Fasson Rustique Blanc Plus, this material was required to be able to achieve the strength, for such a complex application. Not only that, the material is a very diverse, which enabled the application of block and fine detailed foiling on the same tool for the micro embossing. 

The whole thing comes beautifully together to create a brand identity and design that delivers strong shelf appeal and more choice to those in a market, who prefer not to drink alcohol, yet like to try something different!