Ibstock Brick celebrate the launch of their new Eclipse factory with a statement coffee table book


Client Testimonial

We have made a significant investment in new capacity to help meet growing market demand for bricks, the new Eclipse factory is a genuinely world-class manufacturing facility and will produce 100m bricks a year when it is fully operational - expanding our current brick capacity by 13%. It has enabled us to create 55 new jobs at Ibstock and 100 more indirectly at suppliers.

The project has also given us the opportunity to incorporate the latest technology to increase efficiency and reduce energy use, making it the most sustainable brick plant in the UK.

We needed something that would reflect Eclipse as ‘the future of brickmaking’ and show the build process from start to finish, Garage Creative have not only done this, they have like our new factory exceeded expectations and delivered the ‘wow’ factor.

Simon Rogers, Head of Marketing
Ibstock plc

Square_Book_Mockup_2 copy copy copy.jpg
Square_Book_Mockup_5 copy.jpg

The client came to us wanting a standalone brochure to represent the significant investment and to tell the ambitious story of their new brick manufacturing facility ‘Eclipse’ from start to finish. 

Using stunning full page photography and clean contemporary layout design we created an elegant coffee book, the book shows an appealing journey of the large scale project, from environmental awareness and sustainability to industry expertise and technical excellence of a grand scale. The end result is a standalone piece of work that encapsulates the company’s message perfectly with a statement book that simply has to be picked up and opened.